Personal Property Appeal Form

Personal Property Appeal Form

  1. I am appealing the value of my
  2. Tec Data Systems, Inc. is the company that is used to value registered motor vehicles in North Carolina. TEC only uses North Carolina sales data to arrive at the fair market value for vehicles. Other guides, such as Kelly Blue Book and NADA collect data nationwide and don't reflect the fair market value in North Carolina. If you feel that your vehicle is in substandard condition, please fill out the form below. The most common examples of substandard conditions are; excessive wear and tear to the interior, excessive mileage, or mechanical issues. Please attach any supporting documents you may have to support your appeal. You may also bring your vehicle to the New Hanover County Tax Office located at 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 190, Wilmington, and someone in the Listings Division will assist you. Our office hours are 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday except holidays.

    Documentation that will be considered for a vehicle value appeal:

    • A copy of the bill of sale documenting the purchase price from a local dealer.
    • A written appraisal performed by a dealer that clearly states the appraisal reflects the retail value as of the January 1 of the year in which the taxes are due.
    • For vehicles less than 25 years old, documentation of high mileage from an annual inspection, oil change or other invoice.
    • Repair estimates for vehicles that have been significantly damaged.

    Documentation that will not be considered for a vehicle value appeal:

    • Wholesale or blue book values pulled from any internet valuation website, magazine or catalog.
    • A trade-in or wholesale value appraisal from a dealer.
    • Written offers from a dealer to purchase your vehicle.
    • A bill of sale from a private seller.
  3. Please attach a copy of your last inspection receipt

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  5. Note: As with any appeal, there are three possible outcomes and that the resulting value is effective for the current year forward and is not retroactive; in that the decision may result in:

    • A decrease
    • An increase
    • Remain the same value
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