Long-Range Planning Overview

New Hanover County’s long-range planning efforts guide decisions on how the county develops. Working with members of the community, the county creates long-range plans, such as Plan NHC, that outline where the community wants to go and the goals that need to be accomplished to get there.

Comprehensive Plan

In 2016, New Hanover County adopted it’s first Comprehensive Plan, Plan NHC, to serve as the county’s official guide for decisions about land development outside of city limits. Plan NHC charts the course for New Hanover County’s next 25 years of economic development and land use.

Transportation, Bikes & Pedestrians

The Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Organization (WMPO) and the NC Department of Transportation (DOT) are responsible for transportation planning and projects in New Hanover County. The county partners with these organizations on transportation plans, as well as projects for multi-use paths, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

Natural Resources

Surrounded by water on three sides, New Hanover County’s geography, geology, and landscape truly make it a unique place. The county’s environmental planning efforts seek to balance growth with the protection of the county’s land, water, and air.

Historical & Archaeological Resources

New Hanover County has a rich history and there are many historic buildings, cemeteries, and cultural sites that still remain. The county’s plans and programs seek to preserve these resources for future generations.