About Us

The Board of Commissioners serves as the governing body of the county. The five County Commissioners are elected at-large by a countywide election held in November for a staggered four-year term of office, with elections held every two years. The Commissioners elect a chairman and vice-chairman during their first meeting each December.

The board is charged with making policy for the administration of county government within the framework of the laws of the State of North Carolina. Counties are partners with the state in providing such programs as health, social services, mental health care, community colleges, and public schools. The board is responsible for providing and executing policies concerning the operation of the county, enacting local ordinances, and appointing citizens to various boards and advisory commissions. The board is also responsible for adopting the annual budget which includes establishing the tax rate.

Clerk to the Board

The Clerk to the Board is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and is duly sworn into official public office. The position is a part of the administrative team with the County Manager and the County Attorney. The Clerk is responsible for preparing minutes of board meetings and maintaining minutes and exhibits for a permanent record of board actions; researching and interpreting various reports and activities, and assuring that legally required notices and operational processes and procedures are followed for board meetings.

The Clerk to the Board also manages the office of the Governing Body which includes a Deputy Clerk. The Clerk and staff are also responsible for providing administrative support for five Commissioners, responding to requests for information from the general public and county employees, and administering the process of appointing citizens to county advisory boards and committees.

When sending invitations and notices to the Board of Commissioners, please also send a copy to the Clerk to the Board for coordination purposes.