Collections Services

Cape Fear Museum is committed to providing memorable experiences to every visitor (both on-site and online) and to safeguarding and preserving the artifacts it presents. The policies on photography, filming, rights and reproduction outlined here are in place to ensure that the Museum can deliver on its commitment; please read these carefully.

Collections Services

Collections staff can answer general questions and research queries submitted by phone, email, letter, or fax. Researchers can also schedule on-site appointments to view and study objects or documents in the Museum’s collection. More information can be found here.

Reproduction Policy

Individuals are allowed to examine copies of CFM’s original images. For more information about reproducing these images images or objects from the collection, please review our reproduction policy here.

Photography and Filming

Cape Fear Museum manages the photography and filming of its exhibitions and collections according to its mission of preservation and education. In general, the Museum allows the general public to photograph its exhibits for personal use only, such as recording a visitor’s museum experience, family activities, etc.

Museum Permission must be obtained in writing, fees paid and contracts executed to publish any images, for commercial purposes, of objects or photographs owned by Cape Fear Museum, in any media format including web use. Read more here.

Model Usage Rights

Cape Fear Museum makes every effort to obtain permission to use images of event participants. Participation in any Museum programs constitutes an agreement by the participant and/or the parent or guardian to authorize the Museum to photograph or film participants and/or their artwork from time to time, without compensation, for possible use in publicity, website, and marketing efforts.

Guide to Filming in New Hanover County