Dinosaurs Take Flight

Exhibit on View: November 5, 2022 through May 14, 2023

Dinosaurs are taken to new heights in this elegant traveling exhibition - engaging visitors at the intersection of art, science and history.

Archaeopteryx provides a critical bridge between dinosaurs and birds. Starting with the initial discovery in 1861, Archaeopteryx has been an integral part of the discussion of evolution, the origin of birds, and the origin of flight. Scientists from across the globe have conducted extensive research to better understand this “missing link,” and studies continue still. Why did feathers first evolve? Did it fly?

Dinosaurs Take Flight combines original artwork with fossils, replica skeletons, hands-on activities and interactive media to tell the amazing story of the evolution of flight.

Dinosaurs Take Flight is a traveling exhibit organized by Silver Plume Exhibitions and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

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