New Hanover County Hispanic-Latino Commission

The commission is established to advise the Board on matters related to the Hispanic/Latino community and to serve as a liaison between the community and New Hanover County.

The commission will work to promote understanding, inclusiveness, and equality for the Hispanic/Latino community in the County. The Commission shall be organized for the purpose of acting as an advocate for the Hispanic/Latino Community and a resource of information on the status of Hispanics/Latinos in the County:

• To identify the status of the Hispanic/Latino population in the County and assess their needs.

• To provide a status report of the Hispanic/Latino population in the County on an annual basis to the Board.

• To provide information and recommendations to the Board on the needs and issues important to Hispanics/Latinos as it deems necessary in improving and upholding the opportunities in employment, education, and community services for all people, regardless of gender or age.

• To work toward the betterment of the status of Hispanics/Latinos with respect to employment and educational opportunities, health services, childcare services, welfare services, financial services, and community leadership opportunities.

• To serve as an umbrella to coordinate and support all Hispanic/Latino initiatives, organizations, and networks in the County including coordinating and cooperating with the Latino Alliance and other organizations involved in activities on the status of Hispanics/Latinos.

• To conduct educational seminars in collaboration with other organizations for residents and businesses in the County.