Rain Barrel Sales

Opaque Rain BarrelAre you looking for rain barrels in Wilmington? The Ivy Barrel is available at 40% below retail price!

The cost per barrel is $85. Cash or check only is accepted. The barrels are available on a first come, first serve basis. If we sellout of rain barrels, then the sell will close early.

Sale Information as follows: 

  • Every Third Saturday of the month from 8:00am-1:00pm at the Wilmington Farmer's Market . Address: 5329 Oleander Dr. # 100, Wilmington, NC 28403.
  • Every Second Thursday  of the month from 8:30am-4pm at the New Hanover County Arboretum. Address: 6206 Oleander Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403. 
    • Please note: in December through February the sale at the Arboretum will end at 5pm. 

Ivy provides a new era of design innovation at an economical price. All parts are included for simple installation.

  • Overflow and Locking LidMade in the USA using 100% recycled materials!
  • 50-gallon capacity, perfect for homeowners
  • Locking child-proof lid, stable when full, mosquito resistant
  • Two overflow ports and screened inlet (best in class!)
  • .75 inches ball valve connects to garden hose
  • Gravity fed-no pumps required
  • Easily transport up to three Ivy barrels in a mid-size sedan
  • Dimensions 42.5 inches in height by 22 inches in depth.

Helpful Documents

Ivy's Best in Class Features


100% recycled. Dark in color to prevent algae growth.

Overflow & Locking Lid

Large overflow hose included to divert excess water. Ivy comes with two ports to easily link two or more.

Screened Inlet

Filters debris and protects against mosquito breeding. Ring pops out for cleaning screen.

Lower Port

.75 inches HDPE ball valve easily connects to garden hose. Fully drains to prevent stagnate water.

Link Two

Lower PortUse existing overflow hose to connect two or more barrels.

Top 5 Reasons to Harvest Rainwater

  • Protect our local waterways from stormwater runoff pollution
  • Utilize natural water while reducing your water bill
  • Simple way to grow healthier plants and flowers
  • Conserve water during summer months and in times of drought
  • Help reduce erosion and flooding caused by runoff


View the 50 Gallon Ivy Rain Barrel Specifications (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

Link TwoView the Frequently Asked Questions about the 50 Gallon Ivy Rain Barrel.