The fees outlined below are “per ton” rates and include the $2 per ton North Carolina (NC) Solid Waste Tax. All customers will be weighed in and out to determine their net weight. 

As an example, if a customer’s loaded vehicle weighs in at 4,200 pounds (gross weight) and weighs out empty at 4,000 pounds (tare weight), their “net weight” would be 200 pounds. Fees will be pro-rated based on the customer’s net weight. In the above example, the customer delivered 200 pounds (one-tenth of a ton) of construction debris, so their charge would be $5.20 (0.1 tons × $52). There is a minimum charge, which is based on 20 pounds (0.01 tons or 52 cents).

Landfill staff may assess an additional surcharge on waste that creates a nuisance condition or requires specialized equipment rental to process, “Nuisance conditions” may include excessive dust, extreme odors, or situations that require site preparation in advance of receiving the material.

Waste CategoryTip Fee
Cardboard (With less than 15% contamination as verified by recycling attendant)No Charge
Clean Concrete / Brick / Dirt (Must be verified by landfill attendant) (see note)$30.00 per Ton
Concrete/Brick/Dirt Mix$52.00 per Ton
Construction/Demolition Debris (see note)$52.00 per Ton
Color-Sorted Glass BottlesNo Charge
Mattresses/Box Springs$52 per ton plus a $10 surcharge each
Food Waste, unpackaged only (for composting)No Charge
Household Recyclables (mixed paper, plastic, glass, aluminum)No Charge
Garbage/Refuse/Trash$52.00 per Ton
Shingles/Built-Up Roofing Mix$52.00 per Ton
Residential Yard Waste (not contaminated by trash bags or garbage)$30.00 per Ton
Palm Trees$25.00 each
Commercial Yard Waste (not contaminated by trash bags or garbage)$25.00 per Ton

Note: The landfill will waive fees on the following construction, remodeling, and demolition materials if they are 100% free from contamination and are separated at the job site. Mixed materials will not be subject to fee waivers. Approved loads will receive a token to present to the scale house attendant that authorizes the fee waiver.

Special Waste CategoriesTip Fee
Appliances (“White Goods”)No Charge
Household Or Lead Acid Batteries (Recycled)No Charge
Sludges (Accepted With Special Approval Only)$80.00 per Ton
Tires (Disposed Of By Businesses)$75.00 per Ton
Tires (Disposed Of By Homeowners - up to 5 tires per day)No Charge
Waste Oil/Antifreeze (Recycled)No Charge
  • Gypsum wallboard (also known as Sheetrock® or drywall. No nylon/fiberglass mesh layers, insulation, wallpaper, furring strips, etcetera)
  • Scrap lumber and wood pallets (no laminates, painted wood, pressure-treated wood, window glass, trash, or metal with the exception of nails/staples/bolts)
  • Concrete, brick, and masonry block (no paint, rebar, ceramic tile, trash, etcetera)