Report a Violation

7The Zoning Division of the Planning and Land Use Department is responsible for enforcing the county’s land use ordinances for properties within the unincorporated areas of New Hanover County.

If a violation is suspected, a Zoning Compliance Official will conduct an investigation to determine if there is an ordinance violation. If there is a violation, the inspector will attempt to notify the owner verbally and will mail a Notice of Violation.

Note: all information provided to the Zoning Division is subject to North Carolina Public Records Law § 132-1.

Complaints that have an imminent threat to public safety are immediately referred to and handled by the appropriate department; all other complaints are prioritized by the severity of the violation. If you have a violation to report, please contact the appropriate department as listed below.

Within the City of Wilmington

To report a violation within the City of Wilmington:

  • The city has specific codes and enforcement guidelines. To report a violation in the City of Wilmington, contact the city’s Code Enforcement Services at 910-341-3266.

Unincorporated Areas of New Hanover County

To report a violation within unincorporated areas of New Hanover County (outside city limits):

  • Call New Hanover County Zoning at 910-798-7116 with the location of the property and a description of the potential violation.

Other Violations

The following violations are enforced by other departments within New Hanover County:

  • Noise complaints: contact the Sheriff’s Office at 910-798-4200.
  • High grass/tall weeds complaints: contact the Sheriff’s Office at 910-798-4200.
  • Animal complaints: contact the Animal Services Unit at 910-798-7500.
  • Building code violations: contact the Building Safety Department at 910-798-7308.
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