Exhibit on View: May 20, 2022 through November 26, 2023

Cape Fear Museum's Fire! is a dynamic, dramatic exhibition that uses images and artifacts from the Museum's collection, as well as videos and interactive experiences, to explore the history and science of fire. This exhibition examines the role of technological change in the history of firefighting, highlights several historic fires, teaches fire safety and showcases the changing history of firefighting in the Cape Fear.

  • Learn about the science of fire, how fire spreads, and the stages of how a fire starts, grows and decays.
  • Explore firefighting through history - who fought fires, how firefighting changed as a profession, and how technological advancements in turnout gear and equipment changed how fires are fought and prevented in our homes, building and community.
  • Learn about fire safety through family-friendly Interactives - how to plan for fires, how to call for help, how to respond in a fire emergency and post-fire restoration.