Ideal Cement Plant Office, December, 1963


This black and white photograph is approximately 8 inches high and 10 inches wide.


In 1992, Randy Walser donated a collection of Ideal Cement Company ephemera to the Museum. The collection consists of a large number of images of the then-new Castle Hayne facilities. It also includes invitations to formal opening of the facility, and the dedication of the cement manufacturing plant. This particular image shows the main office of the Castle Hayne facility at night.

Ideal Cement Company opened up for business in the Wilmington area in the early 1960s. Their Castle Hayne facility was completed in two phases: the storage and shipping facility opened in June 1962. The cement manufacturing plant was formally opened on December 17, 1963. When the manufacturing side of the operation opened, the Wilmington Morning Star editorialized that this, the first cement manufacturing plant in the state, was "…tangible evidence of modern progress for the industry and for our own region. It is a bold step forward, and one in which Wilmington and New Hanover are proud to be a part of the planning and foresight of the company." The company ceased manufacturing cement in November 1982.

Ideal Cement Plant Office at Night

CFM 1992.158.0001

Gift of Randy Walser