Resource Conservation Workshop Scholarship

These 45-minute, free programs allow for students to engage in scientific thinking and (when appropriate) song, story-time, and crafts! They are ideal for groups of students ranging in age from 4 to 10 years old but can be adjusted for older students. Must have at least 5 student participants, but no more than 20. Location of program to be determined based on the group's needs. Contact us to learn more and schedule your program!

Making Observations

During this introductory session, campers will work together to make observations of the natural world around. They will also practice investigation, thinking like a scientist, and sensory skills as they explore an outdoor area.

Digging Into the Soil

During this session, students will dig into the soil ecosystem! They will learn how soil forms the foundation for life on earth and investigate the different types of soil that are found in New Hanover County. We might even meet some wiggling worms!

Storm Water Sleuths

Where does storm water come from? And where does it go? Students will investigate how rainwater interacts with the environment around them during this program using an Enviroscape model.