Animal Complaints

ASU receives numerous citizen complaint calls regarding many animal-related situations. The complaints should be handled in order of priority dependent upon public safety concerns and animal cruelty issues. Both areas are a major concern to the division; however, human safety must take precedence over animal risk in every situation. Calls are received at the shelter Monday through Friday from 8 am until 4 pm at 910-798-7500. After-hours calls may be received through the same number or by contacting the 911 center.

Note: After-hours emergency response is limited to rabies exposure situations, such as an animal bite; injured or sick animals where no owner is present; or law enforcement assistance.

Animal-related complaints will be handled by Animal Control Officers in the following order:

  1. Rabies exposure situations, including animal bites or rabies vector contact.
  2. Injured and or sick animals.
  3. Law enforcement back up, including co-worker assistance.
  4. Domestic animals in high volume public areas, e.g. school yard.
  5. Dangerous/potentially dangerous (documented) and/or vicious (undocumented) dogs.
  6. Contained animal pick up, including traps.
  7. Animal cruelty or mistreatment, such as check conditions.
  8. Public assistance, including see caller and Complaint/Investigation Reports (e.g. barking dogs).
  9. Canvassing for rabies compliance.
  10. Routine or requested area patrols, including animals running-at-large.