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1. Can I get my new well tested by a private company to expedite getting a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) and moving into my new home?
2. Do I have to completely clear my lot of trees and undergrowth for Public Health to issue a septic system permit?
3. Do I have to get a permit for an irrigation well?
4. Helpful Websites for Septic Systems
5. How do I contact New Hanover County Environmental Health?
6. I need to ask a question about making a change in the plans Public Health released for construction of a swimming pool that will eventually be operated by a Home Owners Association; who do I contact?
7. Maintenance of Septic Systems
8. Private Water Supply Wells: Laws and Rules
9. Septic Systems: Laws and Rules
10. When do septic system permits expire?
11. Why do I have to wait for Public Health to review my restaurant kitchen plans and menu before I can get a building permit?