Public Input Opportunities

New Hanover County held stakeholder meetings on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, to get public input and feedback on a possible Stormwater Service. Meetings were held with large landholders and developers, non-profits and churches, commercial property owners, and the general public.

An informational meeting, drop-in online public meeting was held Wednesday, June 23, 2021. The meeting allowed property and business owners to speak directly with an engineer from the Engineering Department as well as a representative from our consultant Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc. They helped property owners by accessing records of properties, gave accurate depictions of how the program will benefit properties, and explained how stormwater fees are calculated.

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1. What is stormwater?
2. Why is it important to manage stormwater?
3. What is a stormwater service?
4. Public Input Opportunities
5. Timeline for program
6. What is the stormwater fee?