Timeline for program
  • July 16, 2019: Stakeholder meetings held for large landowners and developers, commercial property owners, non-profits, churches, and the general public
  • December 16, 2019: Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to finalize plans for a Stormwater Service to begin July 2020
  • July 2020: Stormwater Services went into effect with the Fiscal Year 20-21 budget; however, the Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution to delay the fee to property owners for one year due to the financial impacts of COVID-19 on residents, businesses, and organizations.
  • June 23, 2021: Online public information meetings held to discuss specifics of program and fee structure of Stormwater Services
  • August 2021: Stormwater Services fee began to be collected through the county tax bill, mailed in August (Note: for Fiscal Year 21-22, the county utilized American Rescue Plan funding to reduce the fees of the program to a rate of $1 per Equivalent Rate Unit (ERU) for property owners)

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1. What is stormwater?
2. Why is it important to manage stormwater?
3. What is a stormwater service?
4. Public Input Opportunities
5. Timeline for program
6. What is the stormwater fee?