How Are Capital Improvement Projects Prioritized?

Each January, the CIP Committee updates the five-year capital plan and offers a recommendation to the County Manager on which projects to include in the annual budget. The County Manager includes capital projects in his recommended budget to the Board of County Commissioners and the board adopts the annual budget and capital projects together, typically in June of each year.

The CIP Committee reviews department requests for capital projects, including facilities, parks, sidewalks, drainage, or other large-scale projects. Capital projects typically cost $100,000 or more and require more than a year to complete. In reviewing and developing a recommendation for the County Manager, the CIP committee considers:

  • A capital project’s alignment with the county’s strategic plan
  • The impact the project will have on the community
  • The effect the project will have on services
  • The cost and resources available to fund the project

More information about current capital improvement projects can be found in the Fiscal Year 2022 to 2026 Capital Improvement Plan (PDF).

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1. How Are Capital Improvement Projects Prioritized?