What was the process for determining my property value?

New Hanover County goes to great lengths to get a true and accurate value of each property in the county. New Hanover County tax appraisers visit residential and commercial properties in the county, photograph properties, educated citizens, take measurements, and evaluate improvements or deterioration to the property. The appraisers currently review and assess over 110,000 parcels and use proven methods for analyzing comparable properties and other factors affecting property value. Each property is appraised using the same method, applied uniformly across the county.

The Tax Department has made available online, Property Tax Questionnaires and Sales Verification forms for citizens to fill out to better assist us confirming their property and/ or sales information. The purpose of these forms are to verify sales information along with square footage, number of rooms and bathrooms, and other important details. All of the completed forms and questionnaires are reviewed by staff, and follow-up calls and visits are made when necessary to address concerns and to make sure property information is accurate. From all of this information and thorough extensive research, New Hanover County's appraisers are able to determine the value for each property.

New Hanover County Tax Office used a modified cost method for all properties. The exception to that is Low Income Housing Tax Credit program (LIHTC) apartments which are valued on the income approach.

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