What are the other charges on my bill?

In addition to the county tax rate, which is separated into the General Fund rate and the debt fund rate, if you live in the City of Wilmington, or the towns of Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach or Kure Beach your bill will reflect the tax rate of the municipality where your property is located. If you live in the unincorporated area of New Hanover County (outside the City or the three towns) the fire services district rate will be included on your bill.

Each district or municipality is a separate unit that is authorized to charge a tax for the services that it offers. The rates are different for each district or municipality because they provide different levels of service for its taxpayers. The county collects all the taxes for these districts and municipalities and sends the tax revenue to those units. For instance, if you live in the City of Wilmington, you will see a separate rate on your bill for the City of Wilmington, which the county will collect from you and then send to the City of Wilmington. For specific questions on the rates for the City of Wilmington, Town of Carolina Beach, Town of Wrightsville Beach or the Town of Kure Beach, please contact your municipality directly as New Hanover County does not set the tax rate for those units.

Residents living in the unincorporated areas of New Hanover County will see a fire district tax rate. Only residents living in the unincorporated area pay this established rate.

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