How Is The Compost Created?

The county’s composting system is unique because it utilizes the “in vessel” method of composting - all of the material is composted in an enclosed vessel in which temperature, airflow, and turning are managed in a controlled environment.

The compost generated is a mixture of ground yard waste, ground untreated dimensional lumber and pallets, food waste, and animal bedding. The recipe was carefully selected to provide the right balance of nutrients and consistency. The compost is processed to eliminate potential pathogens and destroy weed seeds and fungus spores and screened to remove any potential contaminants or oversize material.

Compost is an amazing soil amendment that helps plants retain moisture, encourages strong root growth, provides a slow, steady release of nutrients, and inoculates the soil against some common pests and diseases. Soils amended with compost support healthier plants that can withstand long periods of drought while producing higher yields of fruits and vegetables. Using compost instead of fertilizers helps reduce pollutants found in stormwater runoff that affect our natural wetlands, rivers, and streams.

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1. How Is The Compost Created?
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