How do I get to your office?

The New Hanover County Department of Social Services is located in the Health and Human Services building between 16th and 17th Streets at 1650 Greenfield Street. Some familiar landmarks that are close to our facility are the Wilmington Housing Authority, the Social Security Administration, and the Scottish Rite Temple.

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1. How do I report fraud?
2. I moved to New Hanover County from another part of the State, how do I get my benefits transferred?
3. Can I get Social Security and Medicare from Social Services?
4. How can I get help with collecting my child support?
5. If my teenager wants to get a job, what do I have to do?
6. Can I get help with transportation to and from work or Medical appointments?
7. How can I get help paying my rent, light bill, etc.?
8. How Can You Support and Strengthen the Community?
9. How do I apply for a job with DSS?
10. How do I get to your office?
11. What are your hours?