How do I dispose of needles / sharps?

How to Properly Dispose of Needles

Always use an FDA-cleared sharps container when available. Free sharps containers may be available from your doctor, health insurance provider, or medication supplier.

Dispose of Sharps Containers

If you cannot get an FDA-cleared sharps container, follow these guidelines:

Sharps Disposal

  • Use an empty household container with these features:
    • Tight-fitting lid that cannot be punctured
    • Stays upright
    • Made of heavy-duty plastic that will not puncture easily
    • Does not leak
  • Dispose of household sharps container when it is 2/3 full:
    • Close lid, tape shut, and label “sharps biohazard”
    • Take sharps container to sharps disposal program
    • If you cannot find a sharps disposal program, put the container in the center of a full trash bag and discard in regular trash. Do not put sharps containers in recycling.
  • How To Safely Dispose Of Needles (PDF)

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