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New Hanover County, North Carolina
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Public Comment Form

  1. Public Comment Form

    The agenda items listed are available for public comment at an upcoming Planning Board or Board of Commissioners meeting. Comments received by 8 AM the day of the applicable meeting will be made available to the Board prior to that meeting and will be included as part of the permanent, public record for that meeting.

  2. Projects available for comment.*

    March 30, 2023 Planning Board Meeting

    • Z23-06: 6634 Carolina Beach Road from R-15 to (CZD) RMF-M Residential Multi-Family for a maximum 72-unit development.
    • Z23-09: Several parcels in the 6800 block of Carolina Beach Road from R-15 to (CZD) B-1 and (CZD) RMF-M for a gas station and 128 unit development.
    • Z23-10: 4012 Castle Hayne Road - Straight rezoning from R-20 to CS
    • TA23-01: Request by New Hanover County Planning and Land Use to amend section 5.7 Conservation Resources to clarify the applicability of provisions.
    • S23-01: 633, 635 641, 649 Piner Road - Special Use Permit for an additional dwelling allowance. Currently zoned as R-15 and O&I.

    April 3, 2023 Board of Commissioners Meeting

    • Z23-03: Rezoning of 29 parcels around 5741 Carolina Beach Road from R-15 to (CZD) R-5 for 327 townhomes and 10 single family lots. 
    • Z23-07: Rezoning of 6505 Carolina Beach Road from R-15 to (CZD) B-2 to convert an existing home to a contractor's office. 
    • Z23-01: Rezoning of 3400 Castle Hayne Road from R-20 to (CZD) B-2 for general retail and outdoor display.
    • Z23-08: Rezoning of 7620 Market Street from R-15 to (CZD) B-1 for a 2 story commercial structure and to remove the SHOD. 

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